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Wide Bag Strap Hardware 5pc Bronze 1-1/4in


Bag Strap Hardware Bronze 1 1/4"


Belle Baby Bag


Blanche Barrel Bag


Cut Loose Press Cell Phone Wallet


Cut Loose Press Ring Around The Rosies Tote


D Rings 1 1/4in Gunmetal #4


D Rings 1in Gunmetal 2 per pack


D-Ring 4pc Bronze 1 1/4"


Four D-Rings 1" Antique Sallie Tomato


Going to Lunch Bag


Grocery Bag Kit Cotton Flax Park


Grocery Bag Kit Denim Moon Flower


Grocery Bag Kit Happy Trails


Grocery Bag Kit Minnie Mouse


Grocery Bag Kit Pondicherry Burgundy


Grocery Bag Kit Quarry Trail Apricot Coneflower hen 168


Grocery Bag Kit Quarry Trail Aqua Coneflower


Grocery Bag Kit Tilda Tiny Farm Lilac


Grocery Bag Kit Well Owl Be


Izzie Convertible Backpack


Izzie Convertible Backpack Hardware Kit Around the Bobbin


Knot Handle Reversible Tote


Kwik Scrappy Wallet


Lola Domed Handbag


Necessary Clutch Wallet


Nora Doctor Bag


Out and About


Out to Lunch


Pearl Wallet Clutch


Screen Play SP200


Slider Widemouth 1-1/2in Black Set of Two HAR15SLBMTWO by Annie


Slider Widemouth 1-1/2in Nickel Set of Two HAR15SLNTWO by Annie


Swivel Hook 1-1/2in Black Set of Two HAR15SWBMTWO by Annie


Swivel Hook 1-1/2in Nickel Set of Two HAR15SWNTWO by Annie


Swoon Annette Satchel Handbag


Sydney Crossbody Bag


Triangle Ring 1-1/2in Black Gunmetal Set of Two STS186B by Annie


Triangle Ring 1-1/2in Nickel Set of Two STS186S Sallie Tomato


Two Magnetic Snaps 1/2" Antique


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