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Longarm Quilting

A Gammill Statler Optimum Longarm quilting machine will quilt your quilt at 3 Red Hens 
I have been quilting since 2006, making both bedding for designers and customers and quilts for quilting customers. When I attended curtain and bedding making school in 2006, I was taught that we should always try new things and say yes when a challenge is presented to us. So I have done some unusual things with my quilting machine.

A very famous work room employed me to make a 90" wide circular table cloth from pink felted wool with 10 oz. batting (VERY thick). It was overlayed with sheer gold fabric which was quilted to the top of it. To finish it, the bottom edge was scalloped and bound with the sheer gold fabric. I have quilted fabric for upholstered furniture, for upholstered walls and horse saddles. Raw carded wool for batting was used for a customer who wanted all natural bedding that was not processed with chemicals. 40, small, individual batts were laid out on the quilt. The wool was multicolored as it was just off the sheep and raw with field particles still present. It was really cute because all 40 batts came rolled up individually in the sheep farm's local, town newspaper.  Meeting your quilting needs is important to me, do challenge me. I will ask questions to make sure I am doing what you want, if you have ideas, please share them.


Basic edge to edge (E2E) 0.156/sq. inch if batting is purchased from 3 Red Hens. If you use your own batting, E2E cost is $0.0175/sq. inch. Modern Quilt Design edge to edge $0.0175/sq. inch.  Custom quilting is $45.00 per hour.   Design time $25.00 per hour.
Trimmed Edge to Edge: $0.25-0.35/sq. inch. We trim the quilt pattern so it does not quilt over any embroidery, appliques, or other parts of quilt top. Rate applies to total square inches of quilt. Rate depends on amount of trim required.

Items below are in addition to the E2E rate:
Blocks: priced per hour.

  • Turn quilt: $10.00
  • Minimum quilt charge with batting $50.00
  • Minimum quilt charge with self batting $55.00
  • Expedited quilt charge $50.00
  • One border with another pattern $0.03/sq.inch
  • One border with different corners and another pattern $0.035/sq. inch
  • Custom quilting $0.05/sq. inch (block separate, stitch in the ditch, several patterns, outline of each motif
  • Additional borders: $.18/lineal inch
  • Sewing back seams $10.00 per seam
  • Pressing back or front $10-25.00 depending on quilt size
  • Straightening (cutting) quilt back or batting for zipper placement $2.50/cut .


We offer several binding services Machine attach your binding to front of quilt: $0.10/ linear inch.

Machine attach your binding front and back of quilt (back is hand sewn) : $0.35/ linear inch. All other binding services: Making binding from supplied material, $35.00 per hour.


Batting is sold by the inch, no charges for cutting or straightening batting purchased from 3 Red Hens. Will cut 3” larger than quilt.

Our standard batting is Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom 96" at $.23/ inch It is priced per inch so you do not have to pay for more than is needed. You can supply your own batting, however it must meet our quality and size requirements for machine quilting.

Batting we carry (you pay by the inch)

  • Hobb’s Heirloom 80/20 96” Cotton/Poly 8.28/yd
  • Hobb’s Heirloom 80/20 120” Cotton/Poly 9.00/yd
  • Hobb’s Heirloom 80/20 108” Cotton/Poly black 8.28/yd
  • Hobb’s Heirloom 80/20 Cotton/Poly bleached 108” 8.28/yd
  • Hobb’s Heirloom 100% Cotton, bleached 108” 10.08/yd
  • Hobb’s Heirloom 100% Wool 96” 15.12/yd
  • Hobb’s Heirloom 80/20 45”x60” crib 4.97/yd 8.28/yd
  • Hobb’s Polydown 100% Polyester 108” 6.12/yd
  • Hobb’s Tuscany 100% Polyester 96” 6.48/yd
  • Hobb’s Tuscany Silk 96” 90/10 Silk/Poly 18.00/yd
  • Hobb’s Tuscany 100% Cotton, unbleached 96” 9.22/yd
  • Hobb’s Tuscany 80/20 Cotton/Wool 96” 11.98/yd
  • 3 oz ¼” Polyester 118” 6.78/yd
  • 5 oz ¼-1/2”Polyester 118" 10.71/yd
  • 7 oz 3/4” Polyester 118” 14.46/yd
  • 10 oz 1 14”Polyester 118” 20.44/yd


There is no charge for solid color thread but variegated threads are available. Please indicate color of thread. A picture of the thread color can be emailed to you. E2E quilt charges with variegated thread are $0.02 per square inch.


Shipping is via USPS, charges are from $15.00 to $25.00 depending on the quilt size.


Please send your quilt to River Rouge Market
14779 80th St. NE
St. Thomas, ND 58276


Call us at 701-257-6888 or email at